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the person the Declaration of Independence was written to and person most frequently attacked in Common Sense
commander of the Continental Army, delegated duties well and was the most trusted military leader for the Patriot despite the fact that he lost numerous battles
wrote the Dec. of Independence, Virginian who later became Pres.
A Massachusetts patriot who helped organize the 2nd Continental Congress, nominated George Washington as the commander of Continental Army, argued for the need to create a declarat
writer of Common Sense, encouraged Colonists to break away from England and start a new nation, his later writings helped to influence the minds of Patriots to fight harder
One of Washington’s most trusted generals; led an exhibition (NY-Boston) through snow to deliver cannons to Washington to perform a military bluff; this freed Boston of British c
Frenchman who came to the Colonies and served without pay in the Continental Army, became one of Washington’s most trusted generals and even fought on despite being wounded in th
Colonial military leader; helped lead the Colonies to victory at the Battle of Saratoga, later betrayed the colonies when he was passed over for a promotion & served in the British
a trusted military leader in the Continental Army, fought gallantly at the Battle of Saratoga and exhausted the British armies in the later battles in the South
influential speaker, writer, printer and negotiator who signed the Declaration of Independence and convinced the French to assist the Colonists in the War for Independence.
president of the 2nd Continental Congress, first person and “biggest” signer of the Declaration of Independence
one of the Patriot’s most daring and trusted generals, his plan to win the support of the Southern Colonists and leading the British regulars on a wild goose chase throughout the
German soldier who helped drill the Colonial army into fighting shape; taught them how to load and fire their guns faster at Valley Forge. Later served in the Continental Army
served the Continental Army by fighting the Indians in the Western Frontier, he led his troops to numerous victories and helped prevent the possibility of a two front war.
hired mercenaries (paid soldiers) who fought with the British, highly trained fearless, lost key battle at Trenton to Washington
The organization of leading American Colonists that organized the army, laws, plans, and declared independence. They met in Philadelphia and it was the “second” time this type
It changed a rebellion into an actual war for independence, it told the King what he did wrong, declared what rights every American deserved, and would become our country’s birth
Name given to the Battle outside of Boston where Patriots attempted to defend a hill, ran out of ammo and lost, but demonstrated they can put up a good fight.
Battles fought around Long Island, Manhattan, and the Hudson River that gave the British control of a key city; showed that Washington may not have been the best choice for general
Battle in NJ held the Day after Christmas when George Washington surprised a Hessian (German) fort, captured weapons and gunpowder, increased the morale of the Patriot cause.
Turning point in the war, a battle in Eastern NY that caused the French to realize America can win the war and encouraged them to join in as an ally.
Winter encampment where the Continental army trained and became a professional army, learned to fight, work hard and survive.
Where a wild goose chase took place, N. Greene led patriot troops using guerrilla tactics and retreat actions to wear down the British
Final battle of the war in Virginia, Washington’ men and French troops trapped the Redcoats and used a naval blockade to help prevent them from getting much needed supplies.
Officially end the war, gave the new United States “freedom” from England, gave America lands east of the Mississippi and Florida to Spain.
Pamphlet that encouraged many colonists to break from England and seek independence. Helped change a rebellion into a revolution
type of rights that can't be taken away or denied to individuals
'It is ridiculous for an island to rule a _____.'
people who stayed loyal to England and the King during the war
George Washington used many of these to get information regarding the British and their troops movements or plans; many of these people are still unknown or newly discovered

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