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Greece TravelAnswer
Erik's Favorite Greek Alcohol
What did Jess wear on her birthday
Pierce's nickname
What does P.F.S. stand for
What did Pierce turn in as his final project
Who were the Latinas (last names)
Who are the two stooges that laugh exactly the same
Who barks
The sexiest name to say
What is the name of the mexican restaurant
What kind of drink did the ship captain give to Pierce
What was the name of the club we went to in Athens
Male model
What is Liz's fear
How many liters was the Ouzo bottle
Who stepped on sea urchins
What was Erik's nickname
Who was shirtless the most
How many ruins did we see
How many useless hand gestures did McCormack make
Greece TravelAnswer
How many weapons did Pierce purchase
How many fish did Pierce spear
What was everyone's favorite food
What was the bus driver's name
How many dogs did we see
What is Alaa's favorite music genre
Who were the couple
What was Alaa Qusous's nickname
At what time does Jess passout
What country is the help from
Who got blamed for everything
What chinese dish did Pierce keep trying to order
What did Pierce rent on his unofficial day off
Who got buried on a beach
What were the walls like at Knossos
What musical instrument did Pierce purchase
How long does it take Pierce to get ready
Why did the chicken marionette cross the road
Who was the chicken marionette's favorite dancing partner
How hot was the bus

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