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Learning _____
A no-_______
Perfect _____
On his last ____
Put a ___ in me I'm done
Man of few _____
Keep a stiff upper ___
Apple of his ___
Out like a _____
Sharp as a ___
On the _____
Every dog has his ___
Hung up to ___
So far, so ____
Forgive and _____
That's the way the cookie ________
All work and no ____
When in ____
Set the world on ____
Red-headed _________
Kiss and ____
Whatever tickles your _____
Easy as ___
Couldn't Care ____
Hit below the ____
False _____
Neither rhyme nor _____
Go with the ____
At the crack of _____
Not what its _____ up to be
Cut the _____
Save for a ______ day
That's water under the ______
You can run but ___ ____ ____!
Lie like a ___
Down in the _____
Every cloud has a ______ ______
Holy ___
It's raining ____ and ____
There's no place like ____

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