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Trade route in Northern Africa in the post-classical period
Location of the Mayan Empire
Location of Norte Chico
Who developed the number 0
Mountain range the Moche civilization was near
What crop was vital to the Mesoamerican civilizations in the classical era
What valuable larva gave the Silk Road its name
The Silk Road stated in China and dead ended into
Who created Buddhism
Which country invented gunpowder
What European city became the avenue of maritime commerce in the post classical era
Japanese class of local authority
Largest sea based trade system before 1500 AD
The plague that ravaged though the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea from 534-750 AD
Major empire in Northeast Africa that traded in the Mediterranean
Cause of the fall of Meroƫ
Trade route that stretched from southern China to Eastern Africa
What time period is considered the 'Dark Ages'
What did the spread of Islam create

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