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QUIZ: Can you name the spinoff given the original media and a hint?

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Original MediaSpinoffSpinoff Description
Doctor WhoAnagram of 'DOCTORWHO'
Good Morning, Miss BlissFollows a group of friends and their principal
The Daily ShowRidicules (mostly conservative) politics and media
Hercules: the Legendary JourneysFollows a certain warrior princess
Buffy the Vampire SlayerStarring Buffy's ex-boyfriend vampire
CheersKelsey Grammer is a psychiatrist living in Seattle
FriendsFollows *ahem* as he pursues his acting career
Original MediaSpinoffSpinoff Description
Marvel Universe Because apparently, Phil Coulson didn't die
How I Met Your MotherHasn't happened yet, might not....HIMYF
The Tracey Ullman ShowHomer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie...follows a (yellow) American family
JAGA team of special agents conduct investigations
The PracticeCrane, Poole, and Schmidt
The Thick of ItJust...Malcolm Tucker. (This one's a UK movie!)
Captain AmericaHasn't happened yet -features Peggy, C.A.'s ex

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