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Can you name the following geometric shapes?

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Hint (not exact definition):Shape:
three sided polygon
four sided polygon
five sided polygon
six sided polygon
seven sided polygon
eight sided polygon
nine sided polygon
ten sided polygon
eleven sided polygon
twelve sided polygon
three-dimensional analogue of square
four-dimensional analogue of square
Hint (not exact definition):Shape:
n-dimensional sphere (n > 3)
common four sided figure with one pair of parallel sides
common four sided figure with two pairs of parallel sides; not a square
3D analogue of previous answer
triangle with two equal sides
triangle with three equal sides
common 3D figure constructed with a triangular base
common 3D figure constructed with a circular base; converges to a point
common 3D figure constructed with two circular bases
regular polygon with large # of sides resembles this
volume given by (4/3) times pi times the radius cubed

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