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in general, a correspondence between sets of elements that has at most one output for any given number of inputs
a polynomial of degree n has exactly n of these
in graphing, a function's y value where the graph intersects the y-axis
common name for a polynomial of degree three
an ordered list of numbers
the inverse of the sine function
giving an input to this function returns a power that a base must be raised by to get the input
the regular intervals at which a trigonometric function repeats
approximately 2.72
in the popular equation y = mx + b, 'm' represents this
an angle whose degree measure is greater than 90 but less than 180
odd functions have this type of symmetry
Hint (not exact definition)Answer
a function for which each input has a unique output
found by raising a number to the 1/2 power
symbolized by the '!' symbol; useful in combinatorics
a conic section that is also the graph of a quadratic function
a logarithmic function with base e is usually represented by these letters
the most common alternative to degrees as a unit of angular measure
letter most commonly used to represent the 'imaginary' square root of -1
an infinite set up of numbers consisting of the sequence that starts with 1, and increases by 1 with each successive term (sometimes also defined as containing zero)
a procedure that can be used to model a set of data using a linear function
a function for which each input has the same output
a quantity with both magnitude and direction

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