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Wizard sport
Choses where you belong
He who must not be named
Harry's mom
Harry's dad
EXPECTO (blank) used for dementors
Headmaster of the school
Platform (in words)
Wizard prison
First book
Second book
Seventh book
Fourth book
Half-giant gamekeeper
Keeper of the Chamber (lizard)
Magical male
Magical female
cast a (blank)
wave this and magic happens
Voldemort's real name (first and last)
Buckbeak is a...
Harry's redhead friend (first and last name)
The Brave House
House with Serpent crest
The Intelligent House
The house with a Badger Crest
Yummy wizard beverage
Hoppity candy with trading card
Holds part of one's soul
The Dark wizard's followers
Bertie Bott has every flavor of these
Wizards wear these
The 'Pink Lady' (last name)

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