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Can you name these Amazing Autumn words!

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holiday in November
holiday in October
on trees
orange things
yummy at Thanksgiving
also called stuffing
used to make jellies and sauces
lots of different ones on the leaves
a color
a color
a color
Autumn is a __________
fall sport
another fall sport
what we do on Oct. 31
in the corn fields
where the corn grows
filled with fall harvest
yummy in our treat bags
Casper is one of these
rides a broom
where ghosts live
where you find tombstones
creepy creatures
flying around
just bones!
also known as scary
what we give at the November holiday
best kind of sweatshirts
we wear these in October
what we have at the November holiday
spiders make these
8 legged creatures
made from apples - yum
autumn falls in this month
autumn falls in this month
autumn falls in this month
autumn falls in this month
something that makes me afraid

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