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eefdarl Wrok-Tsdyufunds eligible students for part-time employment
expecedt amfiyl ctntibiuorno (Cfe)calculated number based on your FAFSA results
ASFAF (Efer Ltacnppiaio fro Dfereal ttuesnd Aid)what this badge is about
nfinacail nedeamount student has to pay out of pocket apart from financial aid
rangtsmoney that doesn't have to be paid back.
laonsfederal version of borrowed money that you don't have to be pay while you're in college
oomr and roabdcost of having a bed and a place to eat.
phhssracisolgiven for good grades or something you accomplished
itutniothe 'sticker price' of your education based on cost of classes
wdara tleetrletter outlining your financial aid package from the college to which you applied
eend-esbad incafanil Iadthis help is given to students because they and their families are not able to pay the full cost of attending
etn eiprcfull cost of attendance minus the gift aid you get
innfaacil aid msatidanitroran officer at the college that can make changes to your FAFSA

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