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What alien race was started by a mad scientist in a parallel universe trying to extend his life?
What renegade Time Lord kills the 6th Doctor?
What is the name of the Dalek who accepts human DNA in an attempt to evolve, but thereby gains a consience?
What is the race more powerful than the Time Lords?
How many lives does a Time Lord have?
What bug-like species came from Andromeda and infested a human space station?
What alien race secretly occupied America for centuries until the moon landing in 1969?
What fake name does the Master use for future humans that he has trapped inside metal cases?
What species has been at war with the Rutan Host for over 20,000 years?
What is the name of the life-extending drug that is made by bats and mined on Androzani Minor?
What is the name of the alien that controlled the human race for 91 years around the year 200,000 CE by controlling all information given to them?
What species used living plastic manequins to try to take over the world?
What tribe does the companion Leela come from?
What species is described as a species of mercenary space rhinos?
What is the real name of 'The Great Healer'?
Who is the Time Lord that traps human soldiers from various time periods in simulated battles in an attempt to create a super-army?
In his first appearance, what does the Master use to try to take over the world?
Name the species: Looks like a green jellyfish, can generate a massive bioelectric shock, reproduces by binary fission
Name the Character: A con-man from the 51st century who eventually becomes a near immortal giant talking head
What planet does the werewolf Mags come from?
What species does the slitheen family belong to?
What does TARDIS stand for?
What is the black hole at the center of the TARDIS that the master uses to try to destroy the earth?
Name the species: A giant floating eye surrounded by electricity and spikes, are cosmic jailers
What is the home planet of the Daleks?

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