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When is the Trojan war dated to?
Which native Italian king supposedly welcomed Aeneas?
Aeneas' war for control of the city of Lavinium was with?
What is the traditional date of the founding of Rome?
Who is the mythical founder of Rome?
Who was the last king of Rome?
Who was raped and used as a reason to expell the Tarquins from Rome?
Who were the first Roman consuls?
Who single handedly defended the Sublician bridge from the Etrsucan invaders?
Who tried to assassinate the Etruscan king, burning his own hand off and thereby scared him into leaving?
Who led the proposition to write the twelve tables of Rome for all to see and form the decemvirs?
When was Rome overrun by the Gauls?
Which king of Epiri resisted the Romans because of a prophecy he heard, won one battle but lost so many men that he lost the war?
Which consul when he was captured by the Carthaginians allowed himself to be tortured to death so that Rome wouldn't lose a valuable captive?
Who assaulted Italy from the Alps in the 200's and could have captured Rome but turned back and left?
Who finally defeated Hannibal?
Where did the decisive battle against Hannibal take place?
Which consul ordered Greece to be released from the rule of Rome in 196 BCE?
Which consul defeated Perses and won a Macedonian war?
Who destroyed Carthage and Numantia?
Who was beaten to death with chairs for suggesting to the senate that grain be distributed more equally to the populace?
Who, as a general, became consul six times in a row and defeated the Gallic invasion in the 110's?
When was Livius Drusus Minor assassinated, starting the Roman Social War?
Which Pontian king swept across the Roman lands in 88, and slaughtered 80,000 Italians?
Who defeated Mithridates, drove out Marius and named himself dictator of Rome?
Who recieved command from Rome against piracy in 67, then against a rival king in 66 and earned the name Magnus from Sulla?
Who led the slave rebellion in Naples in 71 BCE?
Which governor of Sicily was sued by Cicero for massive corruption?
Whose plot to overthrow the Roman senate in 63 was foiled by Cicero?
What land did Gaius Julius Caesar conquer in 58-50?
When did Pompey accept the senate's request to defend Rome from Julius Caesar, thus sparking the second Civil War?
Where did Julius Caesar defeat Pompey in 48 BCE?
When was Julius Caesar assassinated?
Who roused many Romans against Julius' assassins at his funeral and then tried to become dictator?
Who was the first Emperor of Rome?
When did Octavian recieve the power to protect Rome by the senate?
When did Octavian defeat the fleet of Antony and Cleopatra?
What was the era of peace that the first Roman emperor brought in called?
When did the first Roman Emperor die?
Who assassinated Caligula?
Who was emperor during the great fire of Rome? Hint: he also used burning Christians as a source of light
Who were the four people fighting for the title of Emperor in the year of four emperors? (In alphabetical order)
What year did Mt. Vesuvius erupt, burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum?
Which Emperor had a wall built on the edge of Roman controlled Britain in the 2nd Century CE?
Who is considered to be the last great Roman emperor before the beginning of its decline because of his naming of his son as successor?
When was Commodus assassinated, beginning the war of the year of 5 emperors?
Who was assassinated in 235, beginning the crisis of the 3rd century?
Who reunited the Roman Empire after the crisis of the 3rd century?
What city did Diocletian make the new capital of the Roman Empire in 286 CE?
When did Diocletian institute the Tetrarchy?
Who was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity?
What was the era of absolutism following the crisis of the 3rd century called?
What was the 313 edict called that granted religious tolerance to all religions throughout the Roman empire?
What city became the new capital of the Roman Empire in 324 CE?
Who was the last Emperor to rule Rome before the East and West split?
When did the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) split from the West?
What river did the Germanic tribes finally dare to cross in 406 CE, signifying severe decline of Roman power?
Which Roman general was executed in 408 CE for being of Germanic birth?
What tribe sacked Rome in 410 CE?
Which Emperor was able to reconquer most of Hispania and Gaul before his death in 461?
Who was the last Western Roman Emperor?
When did the Western Roman Empire officially fall?

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