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Come the morning light / It's a see through showAlice in Chains
So afraid you kindly gurgle / Out a date for meAlice in Chains
See myself molded in clay / OhDirt
It might seem an afterthought / Yes it hurts to know you're boughtBlack Gives Way to Blue
Gloria sent me pictures of my boy / Got my pills 'gainst mosquito deathDirt
Lost inside my sick head / I live for you but I'm not aliveFacelift
In my life I'd not soften / Things that cut and burn so oftenFacelift
No more hiding / Or disguising truths I've soldJar of Flies - EP
Random Lyrics from SongSongAlbum
As my castle crumbles with time / I think of youFacelift
I excuse myself / I'm used to my little cellBlack Gives Way to Blue
It's hard to start things over / You can feel the fire around us all the timeNothing Safe: Best of the Box
Hey you / Can't shake me round nowJar of Flies - EP
What's my drug of choice? / Well what have you got?Dirt
No more time / Just one more timeAlice in Chains
I can see the end is near / I won't rest until my head is clearDirt

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