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Can you name the various degrees of Christmas-related words which begin and end with each letter from the word CHRISTMAS?

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In each column, the word must start with the letter in the heading, and working down from the top, end in the letters C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S.
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Ⓒ for Christmas
Branch of Christianity 
Location for Mass/Prayer 
A place to find the dates of Christmas, Boxing Day etc. 
Small Paper Pieces used in Celebration, launched by cannon 
Biblical Travelling Methods, have humps 
Another word for Messiah 
Christmas is accused of having a lot of this 
CE, like Anno Domini 
A Christmas Carol Author 
Ⓗ for Hristmas
The kind of event the Nativity was (in the past) 
Jewish Winter Festival 
Jesus, to the lame and ill 
A cold Capital City, in Northern Europe 
What might be sung at Mass 
Event in the Autumn which Christmas follows 
Traditional Christmas Meat 
What might be sung in Synagogue, after Maftir 
School breaks at Christmas 
Ⓡ for Ristmas
Way to describe Christmas Songs, as far as beat and tune 
Red nosed [below] 
Claus' Sleigh Propulsion 
Person who might celebrate Hanukkah, religious teacher 
Type of Holiday Christmas is, at prayer 
What a nativity play is 
Where you can end up after too much eggnog 
Made of Christian Relics 
Made at New Year's, to improve 
Ⓘ for Istmas
Memorable, such as a Christmas Tree 
Jerusalem, or what Public/Federal Holidays are 
Person who rejected Mary from Shelter 
Another Hanukkah Celebrator (Demonym) 
Where you stay when it's cold 
''Holy ____ so Tender and Mild'' 
Winter or Joseph, but not Christmas or Jesus 
Bad illness to get at Christmas 
Frozen Stalactites 
Ⓢ for Stmas
The Kind of Climate that St. Nick lives in 
How Mr. Claus travels 
What Jesus is, for Christians 
Christmas Meat, circular 
Filled with Coal if naughty 
The Father, The Son and The Holy ____ 
How Jews might greet one another 
Sleigh-rider, Cookie Lover, Elf-Owner 
They happen after Boxing Day in stores 
Ⓣ for Tmas
Christianity Religion Type, belief in god 
Date of Christmas in December 
When it goes, the turkey's done 
A very hot location (poor at soccer) 
''We ____ of Orient Are'' 
Story of Jesus in the New ________ 
'A Christmas Carol' Character 
You might drink this at the Christmas Party 
These may be covered in Tinsel and Ornaments 
Ⓜ for Mas
Heard at Christmas, like carols and songs 
One of Jesus' Three Gifts 
''Away in a _______, no crib for a bed'' 
Three Kings alternative name 
There are eight of them a-milking 
Joy to be had at Christmas 
Relative who Holiday's might be spent with 
'Santa Baby' Singer 
Fruit and Spice Pastries (don't contain titular ingredient) 
Ⓐ for As
Area of *Colder* Climate where Santa Lives 
Romans 9: Paul's _____ over Israel 
Open a window each day for some chocolate 
College friends the Holiday Season might be spent with 
Gabriel and Israfil, for Example 
'Christingle' candles lit 
Many artists release one at Christmas 
Where the Penguins Live 
Found on a Reindeer's Head 
Ⓢ for Sporcle!
Branch of Judaism (not Ashkanazi) 
Yeti Alternative name 
'O ___ of Wonder! _____ of Night!' 
Snow-sport Activity, can be followed by slope 
Who Santa Claus is based on 
''________, Holy Night'' 
Another name for a Blizzard 
Christmas Pudding Ingredient, like a currant 
Nativity workers visited by a Heavenly Host 

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