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Can you name the 4-Letter words in this two-part word ladder filled with donkeys and dragons?

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Genuine, not fake
To interpret text
Tear into pieces
To mail
Acorn, to an oak
Earned a ticket
Like some cheeses
Author of 'A Death in the Family'
An S-Shaped Curve
Shrek is one of these
(There's no way you'd
get these, so I'll just
give them to you).
Prescribed portions
A convenient place to sleep
Some deers, some female deers
Queen's paid these time after time
Fight of honour
Kind of citizenship
Let's Make a ____ !
Head of a college
TV Chef Paula
Aged 13-19
Him and Her
Nervous or anxious
Name for a cereal tiger
A bell's sound
Precedes Kong and Julien
Friend of Kodos
A kind of Indian Grass
A kind of Indian Bread
Takes or steals
Kept on someone you're watching
In the directions of
Caddies pocket-fillers
Rain heavily
Those other guys
Genuine, not false
Where an apple grows
A Chinook kind of salmon
Wheel covering
Story, often following folk
Eat, Pray, _____
Meet defeat
Cost of a sacrifice
Land measure in India
Touch with the lips
Football teams have them
Uses a tuffet
Tennis match parts
Domestic animals
Gently strokes
''Best Buds''
Far from tanned
'A ____ of Two Cities'
Like some orders
Season known as Autumn
Took a nosedive
Look and _____
Imperial unit of length
Be anxious, or a guitar
A hasty retreat
Chimney feature
Beaver skin used in the fur trade
How to make 2 from 1 and 1
Potatoes, in Indian
Fits with controls and deletes
Small Islands
ע These Hebrew Letters ע
Genies and spirits
A hex or charm
Unruly young girl
Luxury fur
Devotee to God
Protuberance of the body
Szyslak's Bar
Sticky substances
Another kind of sticky substance
Genesis, Luke or Psalms
Spring Beer
'' ____ to the Future ''

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