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Can you name the words and phrases in these 'Rings of Fire', where each rung begins with the last half of the previous rung?

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Ring #1
♨ Space Western TV Show (2002) ♨ 
Light Boxing Class 
Activity where one would 'Clean and Jerk' 
What might follow 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 
Not quite in the middle 
A defender's position in soccer 
♨ Rebound against you ♨ 
Ring #2
♨ A sphere of flame ♨ 
Secured to a prisoner to avoid escape 
A knight's armor 
One who delivers post 
'Portuguese' bluebottle 
Explosive of a Missile 
Found on a Newspaper's Front Page 
♨ Likely to be criticised - In The _____ ♨ 
Ring #3
♨ A portable gun ♨ 
Also known as the Axilla or Oxter 
A hidden danger 
_______ Boy, American Rock Band 
Not under control 
Relinquishing Property 
Abroad; Across the ocean 
She sells them on the seashore 
♨ Threats of Damnation ♨ 
Ring #4
♨ Internet Browser by Mozilla ♨ 
A hunting dog 
'Ain't Nothing but a ______' 
Military Aircraft Combat 
You DON'T talk about it 
Found midway on a Golf Course 
Somebody staying in your home 
Rent-a-Car Company 
Non-Metallic Element 
♨ Lit on Guy Fawkes Night ♨ 
Ring #5
♨ Computer Security System ♨ 
Drug Retailing Chain (US) 
UK Based Chocolate Company  
My Chemical Romance Album 
Area for public processions 
Cow meat placed in a grinder 
Filet Steak coated in Puff Pastry 
Rubber footwear 
Military Training Area 
♨ Flame, good for Marshmallow Roasting ♨ 
Ring #6
♨ Loud, explosive Firework ♨ 
Exceptionally Good 
A portable drill 
Athletic Event 
On US Television, _______ Thursday 
Rude Retorts in Reply to Someone 
Jason Derulo or John Entwistle song 
Patrick Swayze Movie 
Song recorded by ABBA 
Last Monarch of the House of Hanover (UK) 
Military Decoration awarded for Valour 
♨ Gunfire from two or more directions ♨ 

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