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QUIZ: Can you name the words and characters in this 24-themed part-siamese Word Ladder?

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The Columns are 4, 5 and 6 Letters Long respectively.
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Coca _____ Company
Christopher Henderson faked this
René Redzepi Restaurant
Prefix, meaning Thread
Pixar Clownfish
Example of
Design Style, Art ______
Carol, ______ the Halls
Sitting on the _____ of the Bay
Stereotypical Male Athlete
CTU Agent, main Protagonist
A Framework
Running, Sack or Egg and Spoon
Brown or White Asian Grain
Throwable Board Game objects
To eat (formally)
To sharpen one's Skills
There's no place like it...
Part of a Harness
Monopoly, Rummy or Halo
A Strong Wind
Someone who is xy
Walk a ____ in my Shoes
Director of Field Operations (Day 6)
To Create
Erie or Superior
Carriageway in a Road
There are 6 of them in the Brain
Throws/Hits in a High Arc
Large crowds of angered people
Melville Novel, _____ Dick
Black Swan Actor
Married Michelle Dessler
Musical or Vocal Sound
US President, brother of Wayne
Fearful, Timid
Covered in Asphalt or Stones
Finely Minced or Ground Meat
Destined to have happened
Honored or Entertained
Granted Land (Scots)
Having splayed window Jambs
Made azure
Sadder, or more depressed
Grandfather, and Father of Kim
Maker of Cakes and Bread
One who gathers leaves
Turkish alcoholic Drink
A Hindu Queen (arc.)
FBI Agent, almost buried alive
To view/recall again
A particular thing/matter
They're Red, and Violets are Blue
Parts played by actors
______ Royce, Car Manufacturer
Small Models of Human Figures
Small Platform on Wheels
Ornamental Lace Pattern
Took Explosion to the Face, blinded
District of Northern Ireland
Gangster's Female Companions
Votes, in an election
Inhabitants of Poland
Becomes whiter, due to fear
Sides of Pieces of Paper
Vibrating Messaging Device
Up for, excited
One who finishes a garment
CTU Intelligence Analyst
Assassinated after serving
More docile or relaxed
Bingo Leader
Device to make things spherical
Issuer of a Check/Invoice
Written order for Lodging
Dance to Classical Music
Formed to a Rounded Shape
Provided with a Ringing Device
Prepare land by Ploughing
Put forth stems from a root
Larger, in Height
American Jazz Musician
Enclosed within an area
Travelled by Foot
Also Assassinated, also by a sniper
One who expresses in Language
Ship designed to carry liquids
_____ Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Combustable Material
Soft or Delicate
Cause to be or become
One that looks at printed words
A Grain Harvester
Was Chief of
Brought to Health
Behaved Raucously
Stored in Honeycomb
Selected from others (like badgers)
Considered Thoroughly
Injured by Beating
Send via Postal System
Moved across the water
Upturned the mouth's corners
Shown with joy
Killed by Sentox Nerve Gas (Day 5)

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