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Can you name the 2014 Oscar Nominees by their plot descriptions, after one letter from the Film or Short Film's title has been changed?

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Amended PlotAmended FilmOriginal Title
A dozen ursine animals are beaten, shipped away and made to pick cotton by Epps.
An AIDS Patient in Wasco County attempts to get ATZ, but then sets up a different business, avoiding FDA.
Commiting fraud in New York's financial district - featuring drugs, pitching, putting, and lots of green.
Sixsmith searches with the Princess of Athens' daughter to investigate her mother's life in convents and Ireland.
A family of dishonest cave-people travel with Guy, and exploit his fire-making abilities. The thieves then settle down and become more adventurous, taking over the paradise.*
A wealthy and jazzy English footballer tries to get the attention of his former love, but sadly collapses on the pitch against Harrogate Town.
The Chronicles of a man offering sums of money to organisations flying to Hong Kong and accepting a challenge from Gong Baosen.
On Thanksgiving, two girls are given a toxic substance. One of the fathers then interrogates the suspect using more venom and contagions.
Starting with Egypt in 2011, a young nobleman and knight's attendant in Tahrir is the centre of demonstration.
Amended PlotAmended FilmOriginal Title
When the mandarin attacks Stark's home and head of security, he suits up for a third time as his Middle-Eastern-Country themed superhero.
A gay thirteen year old is beaten by Neo-Nazis, and twenty five years later connects with one by electronicly scanning and transmitting a document.
To oppose Indonesia's political regime, millions of pots and urns are built. The furnace owners are celebrated, and reenact the heating of the ceramics.
Grief-stricken over the loss of her brother, a girl's foster father slowly teaches her to play chess. This leads her to snatch a castle from a pile of pieces set on fire by Nazis.
A bluegrass performer and his girlfriend, a stock buyer/seller are reluctant to change the carefree nature of their lives, revisiting their history.
A formerly-villainous mother returns, still with three adopted daughters, and is approached by the Anti-Villain League, finding a new focus to her abilities. *
A South African hero fights to bring an end to the apartheid to become president of the country he transformed. All by himself. On his own.
An eccentric goggled man finds his carefully ordered surgury disrupted by a robot pet.*
A psychiatrist is called to a hotel to examine an entrance-based porter convinced he is a god.

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