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Can you name the 4, 5 and 9-Letter words and places that Jesus schlepped to in this themed, part-Siamese word ladder?

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Purple words or phrases span over both ladders.
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▶ Where Jesus was born...
Money Risked on a Gamble
Hairy-bodied insects
Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 Star
A fool
A sudden pull
▶ Where the Last Supper Occurred...
A South American Country
An Advantage
A sign
Samuel Clemens' pen name
Public green area
The sky at the time of Jesus' death
Defy or challenge
Provide the needs for
▶ Fishing village where Jesus preached...
Biblically forbidden Sexual activity
A strong line/cord
Slow running pace
Cuts off from a whole
A large amount
Engine-powered airplanes
Writes hurriedly
Folk Dance from Northern Spain
▶ Schlepping Method, unused by Jesus...
A short personal letter
Organ of smell
Fail to keep
Unable to be found
Immediately past
Put or send forth
Total spent for goods or service
A thin layer
Often Sacrificed animal
Stick, maybe used to spur [above answer]
Person who has received a degree
Toward the mouth
▶ Jesus' actual Schlepping Method...
HintWord a Manger ▶
Hebrew for Bread; Arabic for Meat
Beit _____, Southern Syrian village
Indo-Europian language group
Malay kebabs of chicken, beef or goat
Gross revenue received on goods
...and where Jesus was Arrested ▶
Special reductions on price
Stories or Narratives
Garment Sizes for large people
Expresses in words
Shades of Blue-Green color
Old currency of Spain, Portugal and Brazil
A Domain
Abbreviation for a temperature measure
...and lived for a while ▶
Abbreviation for a temperature measure
Give weapons again
Stands on hind legs
Interprets written text
Puts in order
Gives advice to
Gives up
European Shrubs
Leaden Window Rods
...just for Dru, but in Religion (3 Words) ▶
Portray in delicate relief
In an open space, like a grassy plain
Lives in the open
Sources of illumination
Cripples, makes physically disabled
More stupid or dull
Coming subsequently
Someone who consumes food
To come or go into
Place in a grave or tomb
The finisher of an illustration
In harmony with other factors (2, 3) all these places (3 Words) ▶

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