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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs in this word ladder you might use to distract yourself with at work?

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❂ Field Event, Shot ___ ❂ 
Not at home 
Frequently, in verse 
❂ Lightswitch setting ❂ 
Blockheaded fool 
Sailboat propellor 
'A man walks into a ____' 
Body of water 
Blue bird, or comic Leno 
Happiness and delight 
❂ Occupation ❂ 
Unit of corn 
Urban transport 
Monopoly token 
At a distance 
❂ In favour of ❂ 
❂ Sound of a bee ❂ 
Cops, in the 60s 
Play around with 
How TBBT's Wolowitz describes himself 
'No ____, no glory' 
Meets games and matches 
Where germination occurs 
❂ Trough filler ❂ 
Doctor's dues 
Fives, in numerals 
Doctors who work doggedly 
Wine holders 
❂ Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ❂ 
❂ Fat Chance! ❂ 
Cleave, or cut a link 
More arid 
Ecological stages 
Presses close 
Browns in a pan 
Found on Hollywood Boulevard 
❂ Kick off, commence ❂ 
Iron Man's bunging Tony 
Yearling bullock or heifer 
Foul odour 
Move stealthily 
Lose a staring contest 
Cartoon sound effect 
Another cartoon sound effect 
❂ Auctioneer's next-to-last word ❂ 

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