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QUIZ: With 249 votes in Theresa May's constituency of Maidenhead, Lord Buckethead is the undisputed real winner of the 2017 general election. But can you fill in the missing words from his manifesto?

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A picture of Lord Buckethead with Theresa May is in the Source for your enjoyment.
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MY 2017 MANIFESTO: Strong, not entirely stable leadership.
1. The abolition of the _____
(except me)
2. Full facial coverings to be kept legal,
especially ______-related headgear.
3. No third runway to be built at ________:
where we're going we don't need runways.
4. ______ to be brought back immediately,
with The Oracle and other Teletext services to be rolled out by the next Parliament.
5. Regeneration of Nicholson's Shopping Centre,
6. Buckethead on ______:
a referendum should be held about whether there should be a second referendum.
7. Nuclear weapons: a firm public commitent to build the £100bn renewal of the _______ weapons system, followed by an equally firm private commitment not to build it.They're secret submarines, no-one will ever know.
It's a win-win.
8. _______________ of Adele: in order to maximise the efficient use of UK resources, the time is right for great British assets to be brought into public ownership......for the common good.
This is to be achieved through capital spending.
9. A moratorium until 2022
on whether __________ should be converted into a star base.
10. Legalisation
of the hunting of ___-_______.
11. New voting age limit of 16 to be introduced.
New voting age limit of __ to be introduced too.
12. Katie _______
to be banished to the Phantom Zone.
13. Stop selling arms to _____ Arabia.
Start buying lasers from Lord Buckethead.
14. Prospective ___
to live in the seat they wish to represent for at least five years, to improve local representation in Parliament.
15. Free ______ for everyone,
to help combat obesity, traffic congestion and bike theft.

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