Language Quiz / Word Chain: Royal Flush

Random Language or Begins and Ends Quiz

Can you name the words in this Poker-themed Word Chain, where every rung begins with the last half of the previous rung?

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♠♥ Highest Card in a Royal Flush ♦♣
Salt of ascetic acid
London Art Gallery
Current Times
Quiz show contestants get three of these
Set piece in rugby
Unexpectedly, without warning
Not practical or profitable
At a far up altitude
Card game based on numbers only
Relatively inexpensive
Wholesale retail company
Deep states of unconsciousness
Hiding or Screening
♠♥ Second Card in a Royal Flush ♦♣
1998 CBS Sitcom
♠♥ Middle Card in a Royal Flush ♦♣
The female of a hive
Pain inflicted by a wasp or hornet
Very flat fish, related to a shark
Chandler or James
Follows Sunday
Alterative name for Uluru
Musical Performance with hard guitar or vocals
Standard for instrument tuning
Totally dark
Card Game, aiming for 21
♠♥ Fourth Card in a Royal Flush ♦♣
Pirate of the Caribbean
Small hunting bird
Marvel Character or Tennis Judge
Pirates often wear these
Needlework with pieces of cloth
Labour needed to be done by someone
Electronic Musical Duo
Illuminated by the sky
Lighted (archaic)
♠♥ Bottom Card of a Royal Flush ♦♣

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