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Can you unscramble the words in BOLD to complete some of the questions Zooey Deschanel has asked Siri and then considerately posted on twitter?

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Siri, how do I TAPDO a star?
Siri, wouldn’t SPITBAMS be cooler if they were done in carbonated water?
@ZooeySiri, do you ever look to the LIBBE instead of siri?
Siri, make a note: “LECCIBY helmets that look like swans.”
Siri, what do KOCCLS use to tell time?
Siri, make a note: “A competition reality show with up and coming SWONCL.”
Siri, how many HUCCO SLIPWOL is too many HUCCO SLIPWOL?
Siri, do you think DOINTICONNIG air is oppressive?
Siri, how do you even go about FUGICCRINY a lamb?
Siri, do GOWODODS still have bark?
Siri, make a note: 'A song about CLAREATOSS that's really a song about gun control.'
Siri, where’s the nearest OIPHANTIE restaurant? I want some Injera!
Siri, how PEVIXENES would it be to replace all the lights in my house with fireflies?
Siri, do they make ADARTFIRE fortune cookies?
Siri, what’s even at the bottom of a CLIFSA cliff?
Siri, why didn’t Jay-Z just play BAGYTS?
Siri, find me a list of TOGA-DETHME ice breakers.
Siri, do you think we’ll ever make a strawberry-peach IRBHYD? Can you notify me when that happens?
Siri, where can I buy a new dice for MAJJINU?
Siri, where can I find a Power Rangers MINKOO?
Siri, why aren’t more things URNAL powered?
Siri, how do I make pronouncing the “j” in “TIMOJO” a thing?
Siri, is INSLUM made by Muslims?
Siri, find me a list of uses for old SPEWSPAREN besides hats.
Siri, how is ARGONE the new black? Isn’t black the new black?
Siri, where can I find a bird feeder for GENNIPUS?
Siri, how can I PLYOTILE tell my friend that, without the “i”, her name would be pronounced “sofa”?
Siri, what’s the typical lost-to-found OATIR?
Siri, make a note: “A VOLESH store called Fifty Shades of Spades”
Siri, do they make naan with KRIPSLENS?
Siri, find me a list of restaurants that let you draw on the COTBLEALTH.
Siri, do they make child-sized CHRENT ASCOT?
Siri, what if Pope Benedict forgets the Vatican TITWERT account password?
Siri, why doesn’t all KOVAD taste like birthday cake?
Siri, why do AFFSLEW have square holes and not circles?
Siri, are there any stories about SATEWMEANERE?
Siri, make a note: “Weeble whoop wah wah MOSWUP.
Siri, can CHOWODUCKS actually chuck wood?

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