Music Quiz / Word Ladder: Mystery Band 2

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Can you fill in the missing words (and other rungs) from this word ladder, and work out the band who released all of the songs featured?

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Song / Hint_ _ _ _
'____ the World'
'____ Effect'
Prefix with 'gram' or 'graph'
Neighbour of Wyo. and Nebr.
'____ Fire'
'Seven Cities of ____'
'Feel So ____'
'In The ____'
'Between Sun and ____'
Stroke of luck
'Cygnus X-1 ____ I: The Voyage'
'The Stars ____ Down'
'____ and Key'
Work on an ice cream cone
Make a connection
Song / Hint_ _ _ _
'Keep in ____'
'You Bet Your ____'
Better half, typically
Transmit electronically
'____ It Up'
Genuine, with 'bona'
'Not ____ Away'
'Bravest ____'
Rate of movement
'Turn the ____'
Blow one's top
Tear down (British spelling)
Shenanigan, smokescreen
Who's the mystery band?

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