Holiday Quiz / Word Chain: Heart to Heart

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Can you name the words in this 'Hearty' Word Chain, where the next rung begins with the last half of the previous rung?

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Word Chain 1
♥ Elvis Presley, __________ Hotel ♥ 
Balance between Profit and Loss 
Fair/Balanced Contest 
'The Shining' Author 
A Brightly Colored Bird 
An Angler 
A Count-and-Capture Board Game 
Squid, to be eaten 
A kind of Daisy 
Awarded for First Place 
Jewelry, worn as a pennant 
♥ Nickname for King Richard ♥ 
Word Chain 2
♡ Form of Indigestion ♡ 
Where you might write about someone, in Mean Girls 
Used to keep your place in a novel 
Retired British Swimmer 
Where an Orphaned Child might stay 
How to score in Baseball 
What a plane takes off on 
The edge of the road 
A narrow window set next to a door 
♡ Cheerful and Carefree ♡ 
Word Chain 3
♡ The core of something ♡ 
Southern African-American Cuisine 
Nutritional Diagram shaped like a Triangle 
Quiz Show hosted by Donny Osmond 
Where one might retire to Millionaire's Mansion 
The length of time a living thing functions 
A type of stretchy Fabric 
Michael C. Hall TV Show 
Stretch of land and its Features 
What you save money for 
To do something ALL the time 
Where one might find stars 
A light, aqua color 
Long-Running British CBBC Show 
Beatrix Potter Character 
♡ Florence and the Machine Single ♡ 
Word Chain 4
♥ Having one makes you Cruel & Unfriendly ♥ 
Unfeeling or Insensible, as used in Henry V 
2008 ADELE Single 
A form of Rucksack 
Class of Scottish Musical Instrument 
Underground system to carry oil, gas etc. 
Used to restart play in Rugby, from Touch 
Not inside of a building 
Requiring effort to avoid failure 
Bruce Willis Film 
Way to cook an egg 
Another name for Candies 
♥ A Term of Endearment ♥ 

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