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Can you name the things that end in the letters 'ac'?

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A book published annually filled with updated data and info
Australia's national remembrance day
A food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire
Military encampment made with tents
A very intelligent person who is probably a bit nerdy
The luxury car division of General Motors
Relating to the heart
A knobby-shaped root vegetable
A brandy made from white French wines
Street or passage closed at one end (hyph.)
A syrup used to cause medical vomiting
Author Jack who wrote 'On The Road'
Pale pinkish-violet or a flower of that color
Helicopter for removing injured soldiers from a battlefield
Southeast Asian small deer that 'barks'
Brand name of the antidepressant, Fluoxetine
Resin melted into thin flakes, used for making varnish
Shrub that comes as an itch-inducing 'poison' variety
A trademarked material used for surfacing runways
The 12 astrological signs

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