Holiday Quiz / Word Ladder: The Holly and the Ivy

Random Holiday or Christmas Quiz

Can you fill in the rungs of this word ladder which is *definitely* about trees and NOT a way to spread secret, wizzardly holiday messages?

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✯ Hint (Three-letter) ✯
Nightmare on ___ Street
Um… er… hesitation
Poetic palindrome
Storm centre
Coloring agent
Numbered casino cube
Old-timey exclamation
Evergreen Xmas tree
Kingly address
Drink slowly
Stylish body part
Monopoly token
Granola ingredient
Acorn creator
Tibetan ox
Thanksgiving veggie
Something to chew on
Type of feeling or reaction
Studio structure
Two or more (abbr.)
Gun an engine
Bust a rhyme
Beam of light
Jan 1st: New Year's ___
✯ Hint (Four-letter) ✯
Evergreen Xmas tree
Ice cream purchase
Huff and puff
Veal or chicken dish
____ Sunday
Lacking color
Corduroy ridge
In the know
List for presents
Drop a line?
Clenched hand
Big celebration
Suckling site
Deck wood
Bird's bill
James Van Der ____
Stinging insects
Mrs. Harry Truman
Sunday service
Provides with personnel
Part of YMCA
Separate forcefully
Clarinet insert
*Too tricky? Type 'HELP'.*
✯ Hint (Five-letter) ✯
Yuletide décor
Christmassy adjective
Doughnut filler
Coagulates / Sets
Exchanges for money
Aquatic mammals
Results of a flogging
*British woodland
*Dyer's rocket (plant)
Part of WWJD
Had to ability to
Cold (archaic), or -----RON
*Prenatal membranes
*Cries shrilly
Siren songs
Shrinking-sounding wagons
*Prickly shrubs
Legislative VIPs
Thrashed or lashed
Card game like bridge
Place for a watch
*Take away by force
*Break open violently
Big blowout
Cell suffix (cyto/chloro…)
✯ Theme of this puzzle ✯

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