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QUIZ: Can you name the three and four-letter words in this part-siamese common bond ladder?

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Columns are 3-letters, 3-letters and 4-letters long respectively.
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✯ Old World Vine ✯
Extremely Cold
Expression of Disgust
Printing Liquid
Overnight Lodging
Charged Atom
Deprive by Deceit
✯ Pass Between Peaks ✯
Cambodian Dictator [with below]
Cambodian Dictator [with above]
Squeeze fondly, or a Postman
✯ Antagonist, followed by 9000 →
Norse Queen of the Underworld
Lap to form a cloth border
Items matched in Bejewelled
To receive
Make an action possible
✯ Illuminated →
Fold of skin covering the eye
Light Emitting Diode
'Please Mind the _____'
Low Density State of Matter
Fring, Johnson or Hall
✯ Light French Sauce →
Bulge Out
Make a Quick Note of
Land with Fixed Boundaries
Followed by Flume or Jam
✯ A Human Limb →
Ask humbly for
Preceded by Shopping or School
Part of Scrooge's Catchphrase
← Fourth Note of a Scale →
Having much flesh
Display of Bad Temper
Sizeable Hole in the Ground
Apple, Pumpkin or Humble
Neck Attire
← Total Lunar Eclipse (abbrev.) ✯
Generic Name for Beer
Of Astonishment (Maori)
Finished or Completed
Eat formally
Yahtzee and Ludo Component
← Tempt or Allure ✯
Twitching in the Face
Person's Emotional States
Gives assistance to
Added Conditions
← Terminates ✯
People of Old Age
Small Fairies
Australian Yobbos
← Communication Code for 'A' ✯
Actress Jessica _____
A Heavy Wagon
Elaborate Melody for a Voice
Offspring of a Llama
MTV Show Focus
✯ Middle East Inhabitants ✯
Metroid's Samus
Partridge or Carr

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