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Self-Referencing Clue_ _ _ _Rung #
[Rung4] to [Rung5] to [Rung6]1
Clunky synonym of [Rung4]2
Where you can [Rung14] [Rung12]3
Clunky synonym of [Rung2]4
_____ [Rung18], synonym for [Rung11]5
Tied in with the meaning of [Rung 16]6
Formed when a group of people [Rung 6]7
Almost a homophone of [Rung9]8
Almost a homophone of [Rung8]9
Self-Referencing Clue_ _ _ _Rung #
Similie: [Rung 11] as _____10
Better than [Rung17]11
You could [Rung14] this at a [Rung3]12
How you might feel about [Rung11][Rung12]13
It's hard to do this to a [Rung11] man14
Tied in with the meaning of [Rung 6]15
Tied in with the meaning of [Rung 15]16
Means [Rung11], when referring to [Rung12]17
[Rung5] _____, synonym for [Rung11]18

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