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Can you name the words in these topical (monthly) 2013 Sports Ladders?

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January (4)
PGA ---- ----
Missing Word 1 
Au in chemistry 
Edible substances 
Illegal move in sport 
Number preceding five 
Missing Word 2 
February (5)
Six Nations (----- Union)
Missing Word 
Influenced by 
In tatters 
Children's musical TV series 
Abnormal rattling sounds 
Winner of this event 
March (4)
Major League ---- ----
Missing Word 1 
To cook, like muffins 
Type of fish 
Strong / Healthy 
Large meeting room 
Missing Word 2 
April (5)
The ----- National
Missing Word 
Nike, or Adidas 
Kind of goose 
To burst 
Brag about success 
A cough 
Block of Earth's crust 
What is raced in this event 
May (6)
The French Open
Sport played in this event 
King of 
Kazakhstani monetary units 
To avenge or punish 
Edges, borders 
Trilled woollen fabrics 
Way for circuits to be connected 
Small Eurasian finch 
Type of amino acid 
Calm, tranquil 
Female winner of event 
June (4)
Italian ----GP
Missing Word 
Small piece of substance 
Friend, pal, amigo 
After predicted 
What an athlete runs in 
Maori god of forests and birds 
Strong taste or flavour 
Term for an Irishman 
May involve sin, cos and tan 
A self-righteously moralistic person 
What the P stands for 
July (3)
--------- Games, Israel
Missing Word (part 1) 
Way to find directions 
Kind of hat, or lid 
Missing Word (part 2) 
Term for dash, in morse 
Missing Word (part 3) 
August (5)
Modern Pentathlon Championships
Épée Event 
Follows half or six 
'May he rest in _____' 
Form of the word poise 
Form of verb seize 
Dress with grease or fat 
Found on cricket balls 
Shuts powerfully, or criticises 
Thins, loses weight 
Aquatic Event 
September (4)
America's Cup
What is raced in event [with rung5] 
Where plants tend to grow 
Springs or twisted metal 
Rubber ring 
Layer or a Jacket 
What is raced in event [with rung1] 
To defeat 
Send, like of light 
Winner of Event: _____ Oracle 
October (3)
U17 FIFA World ---
Event Host Location 
Denoting an action 
Singular present form of to be 
Fine or modern 
Choice, or to leave [with next] 
Three strikes, you're ___ 
Ctrl X action 
Missing Word 
November (4)
New York ---- --------
Missing Word 1 
Having mites 
Muddy and Boggy 
Virgin or Bloody 
Missing Word 2 (part 1) 
Main belt asteroid 
Early in the day 
Oberon, Luna or Charon 
Animated pictures 
Missing Word 2 (part 2) 
December (4)
Squash: PSA & WSA ---- ---- ----
Missing Word 1 (and host location) 
Missing Word 2 ( and host location) 
Giant gorilla, when paired with above 
Precedes pong for a sport 
What are knocked down in bowling 
Who ate all the ____? 
Church service books 
Call given by town crier 
Opens (arc.) 
Missing Word 3 

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