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Can you name whether the 24 character was killed by (J)ack, (T)ony, a (S)uicide, or by an(O)ther?         ⚠ CONTAINS SPOILERS ⚠

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For the purpose of this quiz, the killer must be the one who ACTIVELY commits the murder. The death must be confirmed by video footage.
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Dana Walsh
Jason Pillar
Victor Drazen
Larry Moss
Phillip Bauer
David Emerson
Habib Marwan
Stephen Saunders
Harry Swinton
Tarin Faroush
Christopher Henderson
Abu Fayed
Maya Driscoll
Jovan Myovic
Robert Galvez
George Mason
Trevor Tomlinson
Ryan Chappelle
Mikhail Novakovich
Nina Myers
Julia Milliken
Bill Prady
Curtis Manning
Cara Bowden
Joseph Wald
Bill Buchanan
Vladimir Bierko
Milo Pressman

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