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Can you give an answer to each of these Pesach-related categories, alphabetically?

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CategoryExample AnswerLetter
Charoset IngredientsA
Things God did for Us (Dayenu)B
Seder Plate ComponentsC
Words in Rabbi Yehudah's Plague AbbreviationD
Rabbis of the HaggadahE
Ingredients of MatzahF
Words Spoken by any of the Four SonsG
Words in the First Line of Ma NishtanaH
Hebrew Month Pesach Sheni Occurs inI
Leaders of the Tribes of IsraelJ
Items in the Order of the SederK
Plagues of EgyptL
Rabbi Gamliel's Three Points of ExplanationM
CategoryExample AnswerLetter
Verses of Benching (Birkat HaMazon)N
How Hashem took us out of Egypt (Body Part)O
English Translations of Seder EventsP
Something there's four of at a SederQ
Reasons 'this night is different to all other nights'R
Things/People in 'Chad Gad Ya'S
Answers in 'Who Knows One?'T
More Items in the Order of the SederU
Songs traditionally sung in MaggidV
The Four SonsW
Good or Bad Inclinations (in Hebrew)Y
Offerings at PassoverZ

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