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Name the four-letter words in this word ladder filled with shows and pilots that have aired on [adult swim].

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[as] show / clue_ _ _ _
Too ____ Cooks (2014)
____ Shelley's Frankenhole (2010-12)
The ____ Lambeck Technique (2016)
Big rig of baseball, the winningest manager
Samurai ____ (2017)
Athlete that comes following shock
Stone Cold ____ (2007-2016)
____ Around You (2009-2012)
Take an implement back
Children Who Chase ____ Voices (2016)
____ Stream On The Left (Airs Tue. 8PM EST)
Eye swatter?
Saddle ____ (2002)
Best of friends with Mon and Phoebs
I'm Dr. ____, Or Am I? (Airs Tue. 11PM EST)
____ and Morty (2013-present)
____-Heart (2013)
Hitch in the plan
____ Star ____ (2014)
Mobile Suit Gundam ____ (2012)
[as] show / clue_ _ _ _
Sommelier's selection
Assembly ____, Yeah! (Airs Mon. 8PM EST)
FishCenter ____ (Airs daily 4PM EST)
Something to take when you need a break?
The Finkel ____s (2002)
It's a ____-in-the-blank clue!
King of the ____ (2009-present)
Neighbors from ____ (2010)
Saved by the ____ (2006)
Dragon ____ Z Kai: The Final Chapters (2017-present)
Collection of outlets?
Hammer the homophone above
____ of the Mole Men (2007)
____ Quest Overdrive (2011)
Whiskey for us after Saturday
____ Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (2013-present)
Pronouns advantage the listener
____-chef (kitchen #2)
Breaks up or down
____ Burgers (2013-present)

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