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Can you name the 3-letter words in this airport code themed ladder to travel from Anchorage to Newark, stopping in three different US cities along the way?

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• IATA code for Ted Stevens Anchorage International •
An insect that lives in a complex social colony
Suitable or qualified to complete a certain task
To make a decision out of several possible choices
Not in
To extend outwards of the main body of something
A container used for storing liquids
A type of dance with lively, leaping movements
Brazilian ___-Jitsu
• IATA code for Juneau International •
JPEG Network Graphics, closely related to next rung
File format that compresses images without loss of quality
A dog characterized by a flat nose and wrinkled face
To pull something suddenly
A label attached to something in order to identify it
A dark, very viscous liquid used in the making of roads
• IATA code for Hector International (Fargo) •
A natural greasy substance found in animals' bodies
A small rug, often placed in front of a door
Very angry or upset
A sticky substance created by mixing water and soil
A plant's flower that has not yet reached its full maturity
• IATA code for Buffalo Niagara International •
Except for; on the contrary
A type of sandwich with lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes
A computer key used to change the function of other keys
A highly alcoholic, bitter beer with an infusion of malt
An emotion of reverence combined with wonder or dread
A female sheep
• IATA code for Newark Liberty International •

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