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The Banana Slug has been the official sports mascot of which American university since 1986?Sports
Which country is the world's leading banana producer, producing 29.82 million tonnes of the fruit in 2014?Geography
Andy Warhol drew a banana for the cover artwork of which band's debut album?Music
The film Herbie Goes Bananas, directed by Vincent McEveety, was released in which year?Movies
Which popular Australian children's TV show aired from 1992 to 2001, following the story of two anthropomorphic bananas?Television
In 2016, Andrew Lawrence set a record for the fastest time to complete what dressed as a banana?Just For Fun
While there are many existing varieties of bananas, what is the main type available for purchase at supermarkets?Miscellaneous
In 1402, explorers from which country came across bananas for the first time in West Africa?History
The 1930 novel As I Lay Dying, featuring symbolic bananas, was written by which prominent American author?Literature
The word banana comes from 'banaana', originating from which West African language?Language
Bananas contain high amounts of which chemical element with symbol K?Science
The banana peel has become an iconic obstacle of which Nintendo video game franchise?Gaming
What are the adorable, yellow, banana-loving creatures of the Despicable Me franchise called?Entertainment
Bananas are mentioned in which religious text as one of the fruits of Paradise?Religion
Just two days after National Banana Split Day, National Banana Lovers Day is celebrated in which month of the year?Holiday

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