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Can you answer these four questions about each episode of the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers?

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Caution: Spoilers are present in this quiz!
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S1E1: A Touch of Class
What is the name of the upper-class guest who eventually turns out to be a con man? 
A Cockney, leather-jacketed guest at Fawlty Towers turns out to be Danny Brown, who is of what occupation? 
The suitcase full of 'valuables' entrusted to the hotel's safe by the con man turned out to actually contain what? 
Name any of the three drinks ordered by the impatient Mr. Wareing. 
S1E2: The Builders
What does Basil describe as 'a landfill junk-pile with a shirt-collar and tie under it' 
Basil hired Mr. O'Reilly to do construction work for Fawlty Towers, instead of what other builder whom Sybil favoured? 
Sybil placed an order for what decoration, leading to much confusion for Manuel when the delivery man dropped it off? 
Manuel repeatedly insults somebody on the phone who actually turns out to be who? 
S1E3: The Wedding Party
It is Manuel's birthday in this episode. What is Basil's gift to him? 
Alan was looking to buy what in town, asking Basil if there are any chemists still open and leading to much misunderstanding? 
What is the name of the French antique dealer that appears to take a fancy to Basil? 
Sybil's best friend has also split up from her husband. What is her name? 
S1E4: The Hotel Inspectors
Mr. Hutchinson says 'I find the air here most invigorating,' referring to the locale of Fawlty Towers which is where? 
Basil draws Mr. Hutchinson a map, marking what as 'P. Off.' which is misinterpreted as 'piss off'?' 
Manuel pours cream into Mr. Hutchinson's suitcase after Basil finishes throwing what at Hutchinson? 
Mr. Walt and Mr. Hutchinson are revealed to actually be salesman, dealing in which two things? 
S1E5: Gourmet Night
What is the name of the new chef hired by Fawlty Towers? 
Name any of the three very similar dishes that eventually make up the menu on gourmet night. 
What instrument is Manuel playing to stall for time while Basil returns from Andr√©'s? 
What does Basil use to thrash his car after it breaks down for the final time during his attempts to pick up the food? 
S1E6: The Germans
At the start of this episode, Sybil is due to be operated on for what? 
A head of what animal, which will 'lend the lobby a certain ambience,' ends up causing Basil much trouble? 
Just before the fire drill was due to start, Basil accidentally tripped what? 
Basil later takes the hospital bed after receiving what injury? 
S2E1: Communication Problems
Much to Basil's annoyance, Mrs. Richards often does not turn on what, claiming that it 'runs the battery down?' 
What is the name of the racehorse that Basil ended up betting on after receiving a tip? 
Mrs. Richards' lost ¬£85 eventually turns up in what? 
Who in this episode says 'I know nothing?' 
S2E2: The Psychiatrist
Sybil takes a fancy to which guest? 
Mrs. Abbot, the wife of the psychiatrist, is also a doctor. What kind of practicioner is she? 
Raylene Miles, a young female guest whom Basil was attracted to, is of what nationality? 
Basil, caught red-handed in two guestrooms, made the lame excuse that he was doing what? 
S2E3: Waldorf Salad
Although this was later revealed to be untrue, Terry initially claimed that he was in a rush to leave for what? 
Name any of the ingredients in a Waldorf Salad.
(as told by Mr. Hamilton)
Mr. Hamilton eventually gives up and changes his order to what, just before Sybil comes in carrying the Waldorf Salads? 
Finish this line from Mr. Hamilton: 'you are the British Tourist Board's answer to ______ ____!' 
S2E4: The Kipper and the Corpse
Mrs. Chase is the owner of 'Prince,' a dog of what breed? 
Which permanent resident of the hotel sees the deceased Mr. Leeman on multiple occasions and becomes hysterical? 
Basil mistakenly thinks that the laundry men are actually who? 
Dr. Price is constantly requesting what breakfast food, eventually cooking them himself and discovering that they are off? 
S2E5: The Anniversary
Sybil and Basil's anniversary is revealed to be on what day of the year? 
Basil tasks Manuel with making what Spanish dish, infuriating the full-time chef Terry? 
Name any of the friends of the Fawlty's who came to visit for their anniversary. 
After storming out on Basil earlier on in the episode, Sybil later returns to the hotel but only to retrieve what? 
S2E6: Basil the Rat
Manuel was conned into believing that his pet rat was actually what species? 
What is the name of the public health inspector who comes to inspect Fawlty Towers? 
Who spots the rat in the bar and then attempts to shoot at it with a gun? 
The next day, the health inspector returns and orders what from the kitchen, unaware that one of them is laced with rat poison? 

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