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Can you name the winner of Kenny vs Spenny competitions?

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Forced Order
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CompetitionWinnerEpisode Highlight
First to laugh loses.
Who is the better cook?
Who can wear an octopus the longest?
Who can earn the most money?
Who do black guys like more?
Who can commit more crime?
Who can drink more beer?
Who do gays like more?
Who's funnier?
Who can piss off more people?
Who can handle more torture?
Who is the better figure skater?
Who can smoke more weed?
Who do disabled people like more?
Who can survive in the woods?
CompetitionWinnerEpisode Highlight
Who can kiss more women?
Who can stay longer in a haunted house?
Who can bone more women?
Who can eat more meat?
Who can sell more bibles?
Who is the better boxer?
Who can be tied to a goat the longest?
Who is the better soldier?
Who can put on a better play?
First one to be mean loses.
Who can catch a bigger fish?
Who can lose the most weight?
Who is the better Jew?
Who can put on the best concert?
First one to talk loses.

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