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Can you name the various things that share a name with an Herb or Spice?

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HintHerb or Spice
Philadelphia and Denver are U.S. examples of this
A leaf and the director of Transformers
ESPN anchor: ______ Steele
Character in the movie Cars: ______ Widetrack
Reddish-orange species of Teal
Soccer move by playing the ball through the opponent's legs
A segment of a bulb of garlic
Capital of French Guiana
Character on Gilligan's Island
Web browser developed in 2000
HintHerb or Spice
Cathedral in Moscow named after this saint
A chain of restaurants famous for their burritos
Tommy's little brother on Rugrats
Colonel in the game Clue
Golden State Warriors draft pick in 2009
Princess in the movie Aladdin
Two-time Super Bowl Champion LB with the New York Giants: ______ Johnson
Street that Big Bird frequents
Singer of famous 'Mambo Italiano' cover: ______ Clooney
A shade of purple

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