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What was the American republican policy that prevented America from joining the League of Nations?
How many American soldiers died in WW1?
Who won the 1920s Presidential election?
What did Harding promise in his election speech?
What was the 1922 tariff called?
What method did Mass Production use?
What car was sold by Ford during the 1920s?
How many cars were being sold every year?
How many Jobs depended on the Ford Motor Company?
What took 14 hours to make a car now took…
Name a method of Advertising.
Ordinary Americans could afford to buy shares by…
What was the Republican government policy called which meant the government took as little action as possible?
How many Radios were in homes by 1929?
Name three dance crazes.
How many people went to the Cinema each week?
Name the most famous silent movie actor.
Name a Hollywood film company.
Name a famous jazz singer.
Name a famous baseball player.
Name four groups of people affected by poverty during the 1920s.
What year was the Literacy test introduced?
What year was the Emergency Quotas Act passed?
What year was the National Origins Act passed?
What did the KKK believe in?
How many members of the KKK were there in 1925?
Membership decreased because of...
What Act was passed to introduce the Prohibition?
Name a Religious group that supported the Prohibition.
What were illegal bars called? and How many were there?
Prohibition increased…
Name the most famous Prohibition gangster.
What famous massacre happened in 1929?
What were Flappers?
What are some immediate consequences of the Wall Street Crash?
What are some long term consequences of the Wall Street Crash?

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