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Can you name the 20 Movies with a title starting with 'The Man'?

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Samuel L Jackson is in lots of movies. This one may not be that well known. 2005
Anyway, he went to a dinner party where Jimmy Durante was playing the Banjo.1942
He sat down at a big table between Kirk Douglas and Kirk Douglas and they started talking to him about cattle and gold.1982
Suddenly, David Bowie came crashing through the ceiling.1976
He landed on Burt Reynolds who was busy prodding a cat with a sharp stick.1973
Samuel L Jackson flipped. He leant over to Christopher Lee and snatched his pistol.1974
He pointed it at Lee Marvin and pulled the trigger.1962
Then he shot Leonardo DiCaprio but the bullet just bounced off his head.1998
Then he shot Mel Gibson in the face.1993
Then he shot Edward G Robinson in the face, twice.1934
The blood spattered all over Alec Guinness but his outfit magically cleaned itself.1951
Gregory Peck's outfit didn't.1956
Then Samuel L Jackson shot Steve Martin in the head and there was twice as much mush as there should have been.

Then he thought it would probably be a good idea if he left.
Johnny Depp burst into tears.2000
Sean Connery held his head in his hands and wished he was in India or even Kafiristan.1975
Clifton Webb wished he had never been born.1956
Claude Rains stared blankly out the window at the train tracks.1952
Billy Bob Thornton was glad he had stayed at home.2001
James Stewart had seen more than enough and decided it was time to make himself scarce.1956
Bill Murray arrived late
and ended up getting blamed for everything.

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