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Can you name the 20 Movies in which Rabbits appear?

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A Rabbit ran the gauntlet through a trench in the American Civil War, just before the ground blew up.2003
Janet Leigh was pestered by lots of giant mutant killer Rabbits.1972
The lead charachter thought the party was fancy dress so she showed up as a Bunny.2001
Two buddies were given a lift by an odd character and they were surprised when they saw that his boot/trunk was packed with live white Rabbits.1974
While out shooting Rabbits in the woods the man came across a suited corpse lying on the ground.1955
The Rabbit went to investigate the grenade tossed by the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse and got blown up.1987
The children were told to follow a Rabbit barrier in order to get home.2002
A man fought with a boy over a toy Rabbit then danced around the shop banging drums before leaving with the Rabbit.1948
There was a group of angry men calling themselves the Dead Rabbits.2002
The pet Rabbit got boiled in a pot.1987
These Rabbits were Princes of a Thousand Enemies. All the world was their enemy.1978
There was a very tall Rabbit that most people couldn't see.1950
George told Lennie to look across the river and imagine the Rabbits and the field of alfalfa.1939 (made again in 1992)
There was a small but fierce Rabbit. 'The most foul, cruel and badtempered rodent you ever set eyes on'. A real Killer Rabbit.1975
The Rabbit could have taken his paw out of the cuffs anytime but waited until it was funny.1988
The lead character thought the party was fancy dress so she showed up as a Bunny.2001
The girl got a camera and took pictures of the clouds. One of them looked really like a Rabbit.2001
An odd Rabbit Man was seen in the hospital and was credited as 'We will never tell'.2002
Two buddies discussed how Bugs Bunny looked when he dressed up as a girl Bunny.1992
Someone took the Bunny out of the box but was told to put it back in.1997

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