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A pizza was unexpectedly delivered to a phone box.2002
The man was exceptionally fast at doing things but still had to use a phone box to change his clothes.1978
A phone box was used as a time machine.1989
John and Zeus raced all around New York answering calls to public phones.1995
The police were called when John Cleese started wrecking a phone box.1986
The man made a call from a pay phone and the police figured out he was in Chicago from the sound of the EL train/L train/the 'L' in the background.1993
Anthony Edwards answered a pay phone in Los Angeles and found out the world was about to end in a nuclear war.1988
A woman took shelter in a phone box when surrounded by seagulls but they started breaking the glass with their beaks.1963
Clark Gable rang his boss from a pay phone, called him a 'monkey face', reversed the charges and got fired.1934
Paul had a long conversation on a pay phone with Ouisa and she said she'd meet him and take him to the police station but the New York traffic made her too late.1993
Kidnapper Judge Reinhold rang Danny DeVito from a pay phone but ended up haggling over the ransom.1986
The film was based on a real phone booth in a desert in California.2006
Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan was shown how a phone box, with an airbag, could be used as a man-trap.1995
Bob Hoskins helped the call girl in tracking down her friend by going around Soho, London looking at the calling cards in the phone boxes.1986
Nicky Santoro used the pay phone receiver as a weapon to beat the 'horse-manure-smellin' man about the head.1995
Olive got left behind at a pay phone and had to jump into a moving minibus.2006
Two brothers were crammed in a phone box and one of them broke wind.1988
Brad Pitt was on a call in a phone box when a pair of shoes, in a box, suddenly landed on the roof.1991
D-Fens shot up a phone box and then told the bystander that he thought it was out of order.1993
A cop shot up a pay phone so an old lady could get her money back but in the end she wasn't able to identify her quarter.1986

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