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Can you name the movies in which Pigs appear?

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'That'll do Pig'.1995
The Spider helped save the Pig.2006; 1973
This Pig was like a spider and, with a little help, could walk on the ceiling.2007
Piggy was not the Pig whose head ended up on a stick.1963
At the end it was hard to tell the difference between the faces of the Pigs and the men.1954
The Hillbilly told Ned Beatty to squeal like a Pig.1972
There was a suggestive neon Pig sign indicating that here was the place to Get It.1982
'You need at least sixteen Pigs to finish the job in one sitting so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm'.2000
The sin of knocking down a Piggly Wiggly got washed away by the Preacher in the river.2000
They said a 'haza' was a Pig that doesn't fly straight but they weren't talking about Nick the Pig.1983
The Pig left the farm and went to the city but they didn't call it 'Pig in the City'.1995
Francie Brady was back in action but went on to chop up more than just Pigs.1997
A young London Jewish man found out his real father was from Yorkshire and kept Pigs.1992
At the beginning, the Hogs kept getting the fever.1992
Michael Palin was involved in a scheme to secretly fatten a pig during rationing just after WWII.1984
Seems the Pig in the sky at Battersea Power Station was just there as a salute to a Pink Floyd album cover.2006
An evil Queen turned lots of people into Pigs.1988
It was about a Pig faced hero pilot, with a moustache.1992
Peter Coyote pretended to be a Pig for Emmanuel Seigner.1992
One of Scarlett Johansson's family got turned into a Pig.1999

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