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Can you name the 20 Movies where the older woman hooks up with a younger man?

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The young man played around with an older woman but she got left in the pantry with her cupcakes when he went off with her daughter.1967
There was a 60 year age gap and a common interest in death.1971
Two schoolboys used a computer and some pictures cut from magazines to make a woman and came up with Kelly LeBrock.1985
The Lady With the Little Dog was not the lady with the fifteen year old boy.2008
It was set in Australia and the older woman was attracted to a young Mel Gibson, who was nice but dim.1979
The schoolboy was attracted to one of his teachers but was in competition with Bill Murray.1998
The schoolboy was attracted to one of his teachers but was in competition with Judi Dench.2006
Two boys with lots of money and lots of time went off in a car with an unhappily married woman in search of Heaven's Mouth.2001
The young Texan was surprised when the old lady asked him for money as he expected he was the one who was going to be paid.1969
The young yuppie's gift of cleaning equipment really didn't go down too well with the older waitress.1990
There was a woman in a relationship with a younger man who was the son of her therapist.2005
Nicole Kidman was convinced the young boy was her reincarnated husband.2004
Laura Linney was convinced the young boy was her reincarnated former boyfriend.2004
Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding Jr. boxing clever?2005
The college student had an affair with Natalie Strout who was still married and he ended up getting killed by her husband.2001
The bookdealer met Connie Sumner on a windy day, had an affair and ended up getting killed by her husband, wrapped in a carpet and dumped in a landfill.2002
The boy was in love with his father's new wife Eve, ended up doing the business with her friend Diane and blamed it on the fact that she was wearing Eve's scarf.2002
Kim Basinger had a young boyfriend and a husband who was busy with Mimi Rogers.2004
The woman wasn't bothered by the age difference probably because the boy looked older than he really was but she didn't expect the bunk beds.1988
Wendy Kroy had a toy boy.1994

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