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Can you name the 20 Movies where they go to the Movies?

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Clarence went to the Cinema and ended up getting married to Alabama.1993
There was a gala premiere in a Cinema and also a fire and lots and lots of shooting.2009
The man and his girlfriend were in tears of laughter as they came out of the Cinema eventhough the film they saw was Platoon.1988
The man went to the Cinema to watch Gene Kelly which really helped him later at the young girl's guessing game.1994
The man started coughing violently in the Cinema and the camera showed his globules of infection showering over everybody.1995
The man wasn't long out of prison and went to the Cinema where his loud laughter was really annoying, especially to Nick Nolte.1991
The Shining was on the screen at the Drive-in and the big storm arrived just as Jack Nicholson was chopping a hole the door.1996
Verloc ran a Cinema in London where he had taken up residence with his wife and her younger brother Stevie.1936
Cybill Shepherd was brought to the Cinema on a date but it really wasn't her kind of show so she left.1976
There was a boy who spent a lot of time in the Cinema and as a man, returned home for a funeral and later watched a montage of screen kisses.1988
The boy used his Saturday Irish dancing lesson money to go to the Cinema with his buddies.1999
Gary Oldman went to the Cinema and didn't pay for his ticket. At least 30 cops came to arrest him.1991
There were two men in a Cinema and each called the other's suit 'stupid' and between them was a sleeping girl.2001
Richard Harris lost his job as a Cinema usher because he spent too much time watching the films. It didn't really bother him.1993
The man stood in front of the Cinema screen showing Raging Bull and started acting out the parts. Everybody was annoyed except his friends, one of whom was Johnny Depp.1993
The two brothers watched Back to the Future 3 in the Cinema, with their horse and then slept until morning.1992
Brenda went to the Cinema, annoyed everybody and ended up receiving multiple stab wounds.2000
There was a Cinema in a small Texas town that had to close because of the small crowds and the last film shown was Red River.1971
Danny and Sandy went to the Drive-in and had an argument.1978
The 'most horrifying monster menace ever conceived' slurped up the projectionist and then came oozing in through the walls of the Cinema and everybody ran out screaming.1958

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