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Can you complete the titles of Irish films?

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TitleLast WordYear
Fifty Dead Men _______2008
Ordinary Decent ________2000
Reefer and the _____1988
The Crying ____1992
Eat the _____1986
This is My ______1998
Five Minutes of ______2009
Dancing at ________1998
Flight of the _____1971
Trojan _____1996
High _______1988
When the Sky _____2000
Albert _____2011
Perrier's ______2009
Veronica ______2003
TitleLast WordYear
About ____2000
Circle of _______1995
Mickybo and __2004
An Everlasting _____2000
Song for a Raggy ___2003
Angela's _____1999
The Last of the High _____1996
Sweety _______1998
Agnes ______1999
The Run of the _______1995
Into the ____1992
Disco ____2001
Darby O'Gill and the Little ______1959
Divorcing ____1998
Far and ____1992

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