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These Actors won Oscars for playing real people. Was the Real Person Alive or Dead on Oscar Night?

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Real Person (Actor)Alive(A) or Dead(D)Dates
Hugh Glass
(Leonardo DiCaprio)
Stephen Hawking
(Eddie Redmayne)
Ron Woodruff
(Matthew McConaughey)
Abraham Lincoln
(Daniel Day-Lewis)
King George VI
(Colin Firth)
Harvey Milk
(Sean Penn)
Idi Amin
(Forest Whitaker)
Truman Capote
(Philip Seymour Hoffman)
Ray Charles
(Jamie Foxx)
Wladyslaw Szpilman
(Adrien Brody)
David Helfgott
(Geoffrey Rush)
Claus von Bülow
(Jeremy Irons)
Christy Brown
(Daniel Day-Lewis)
Real Person (Actor)Alive(A) or Dead(D)Dates
Antonio Salieri
(F. Murray Abraham)
Monhandas Gandhi
(Ben Kingsley)
Jake LaMotta
(Robert De Niro)
George S. Patton
(George C. Scott)
Thomas More
(Paul Scofield)
King Mongkut
(Yul Brynner)
Cyrano de Bergerac
(José Ferrer)
George M. Cohan
(James Cagney)
Alvin York
(Gary Cooper)
Father Edward J. Flanagan
(Spencer Tracy)
Louis Pasteur
(Paul Muni)
King Henry VIII
(Charles Laughton)
Benjamin Disraeli
(George Arliss)

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