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Can you name the two-syllable answers that can be flipped phonetically?

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Pair of CluesPair of Answers
Ship's Kitchen - Lawful
Refined Woman - Make Late
Exit (2 words) -
Be of More Importance
Roster - Fortune Teller's Cards
Henry Williamson's Otter -
Middle Eastern Country
Spiced Oriental Dish -
Happen Again
Bourne Actor - Follows Weekend
Paul Reubens' Character (hyphenated) - Tearjerker
Floor of Building -
Fix Condition of
Healthy Colour for Cheeks -
Nought, Nothing, Zilch
Pair of CluesPair of Answers
Clock or Watch -
Period Between Wars
English County near London - Oversupply
Playground Attraction (2 words) -
Prefix Meaning Thousand -
With Little Fuss (hyphenated)
Fabulous - Chase After
Destructive Insect -
Bishop's Head-dress
Burrowing Rodent - Do Without
Give Credence To -
Do Not Disturb (2 words)
Relevant - Stable Feeding Trough
Vicinity - Immature

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