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George Clooney woke up one sunny morning and decided to give Michelle Pfeiffer a call.
He told her that Groucho Marx had given him tickets to go racing.
They arrived at the racetrack but there was no sign of any horses, just lots of cars driving around and Tom Cruise was in one of them.
The race was unexpectedly joined by an extra car, driven by Denzel Washington.
Robert Patrick ran after Denzel. He had funny looking arms and he dug them into the back of the car. This made Denzel skid out a service gate.
Then Al Pacino showed up, with his greyhound, but soon figured out he was in the wrong place so he turned to leave.
On the way out, the greyhound bit Charlize Theron on the back of the leg but she assumed Teri Hatcher had done it so she attacked her. The argument went on for a while.
Everybody stopped to watch the fight, even a Spaceman and a Robot who were just passing, on their way to deliver an important message to mankind.
Teri won and as she ran off Halle Berry took a knife from her belt and threw it at her, narrowly missing. She shouted that she wouldn't miss the next time.
Then, all of a sudden, it got very, very cold
very, very quickly.
It got so cold that Spencer Tracy's arm fell off, which wasn't good.
Anne Heche said this cold snap could last for
nearly a week.
JFK said it could last for
nearly two weeks.
Sandra Bullock said it could last for
four weeks.
Josh Hartnett said it could last for
nearly six weeks.
Anne Boleyn said it could last for
nearly three years.
Gabriel Byrne looked at his watch
and wondered if it was all over.
Anthony Hopkins said
it wasn't over yet.
Kathryn Bigelow said
it was all very peculiar.
Bill Murray said that anything different is good...
Bill Murray said that anything different is good...

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