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Can you name the 20 Movies in which Oranges appear?

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Whenever Oranges appeared something bad would usually follow.1972
See above; Oranges usually followed by something bad.1974
See above; Oranges usually followed by something bad.1990
Most of the main characters kept their real identities secret.
One of them was given the pseudonym Mr. Orange.
The price of frozen concentrated Orange juice was pivotal in this film.1983
Travelling across the US, two buddies found some money and splashed out on new suits for a formal dinner party.
One was bright Orange.
The Orange is in the Title. Film is based on a book by Anthony Burgess.1971
The late Pat Hingle had Angelica Huston pretty scared when he made her wrap up the Oranges in a towel.1990
A man was hanging upside down from the ceiling while one gang member chipped golf balls at him.
The Orange was taken out of his mouth so he could speak.
This Soul Band liked having Jaffa Cakes with their tea.
One of them was called Outspan, after a brand of Oranges, probably because he had red hair.
American Football team, The Miami Sharks, used the Orange Bowl in Miami as their home ground.1999
Cary Grant had difficulty getting hold of the Orange but enjoyed passing it on to Audrey Hepburn.1963
Another Band, with a lot more trumpets and tubas, played a piece by Joaquin Rodrigo called Concierto de Aranjuez but they called it 'Concierto d'Orangejuice'.1996
Under pressure at the controls, a pilot asked for a screwdriver and got a glass of vodka and Orange juice.
He said nothing, just splashed it over his face.
John Candy placed an order for three Orange whips.1980
Several Orange coloured and not very tall factory workers made appearances.1971
A Security Guard got hypnotised and started talking about Orange sherbert.1997
The Orange is in the title. Jack Black and Mike White were cast members. So was Leslie Appleyard.2002
Two buddies met on a plane and discussed how you could use frozen Orange juice concentrate to make explosives.1999
Edward Norton grew an Orange tree from a seed in about 10 seconds.2006

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